Why Litter Thoughts?

Madalas makalat. Ganyan tayo mag-isip diba? Kung ano-ano munang pumapasok sa isipan natin… Iba-ibang storya at bawat storya, may iba-ibang hugot. Kahit malayo sa topic at walang koneksyon, pipilitin pa ring magkaro’n. Parang basura lang rin. Akala mo wala ng kwenta at non-sense kung ‘di mo pa itatapon pero kung marunong ka lang mamili at mag-recycle eh paniguradong walang patapon. Pwede pa s’ya maging useful at significant.



The Litter Thoughts is where shattered bits of information made significant…

These shattered bits of information is based on the writers different perspective and outlook upon a particular topic or subject. These information may initially be small and tagged as petty ones but is significant when put together, side by side.

This blog is a requirement for Online/Multimedia Journalism course. The contributors of this blog are senior AB Communication students of University of the East – Caloocan. This will serves as an avenue to express our different thoughts and opinions  about a particular topic or subject.  Any statement written in our blog posts does not represent our class nor our university towards a particular issue.

Who are the litterers?


Alviz, Jeriah France S.

She’s an introvert petite girl, who’s passionate for arts and design and fell in love with writing and making poems. A natural leader that never settles for second best and pursues excellence in everything she does. An ultimate foodie that takes photographing dishes seriously and makes arts and crafts to express her creativity and to relieve stress. She once lost a chance in life but was greatly blessed with new chances each day to put herself and her life back on track. Above all, she’s a daughter, sister, friend, lover and a sinner saved by grace and highly favored by the One True God she’s committed her life to.


Angeles, Ron Christian S.

He is a very friendly person who loves photography and graphic design. He likes to travel with friends. He believes that YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE SO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT.


Antonio, Cedrix Louise L.

He’s just a shy type person who likes to draw and make his own art. He likes photography and composing songs. He loves the art of music that lingers through his ears. For him, imagining world without an art is totally dull. He doesn’t believe in second chances. He always thinks that each of us is one of a kind and a piece of art. He has his own world.


Avellana, Eliza Mae R.

She’s a writer wannabe. She’s so fond of reading stories. She talks a lot, every thought she has on her mind she always speak for it. She once dreamed to be part of a production team. She believes that in right time, she will be part of one of those teams that is successful on the big screen. She loves to imagine things. She has a very imaginative thoughts but the thing is she can’t make turn those thoughts in words. But  behind of those weaknesses she have, she still keep on dreaming.


Baltazar, Princess Rocelle D.

She is an ordinary and pessimistic type of girl who has a low self-esteem and expect all the negative things throughout her path however she finds comfort and peace every time she writes. She is an aspiring writer that wants to touch the emotion of her readers on the stories that she will write. Her negative perception in life brings her down for a lot of times but she is trying to learn and be strong despite her downfall experiences. She also loves to travel, watch Korean dramas and movies, listen to music or just simply going to different places all by herself to vent out her problems and worries.


Basas, Mary Ann O.

She is just an ordinary woman with a beautiful face and a typical girl who want to be successful in life to make her parents proud. She is an outgoing ambitious student to life. She is a problem solver in a creative way. She makes fun of everything to make things light. She is also eager to learn, meet new people, and visit unseen places with friends, family and together with her loved one. She’s an actor in her own life trying to be happy even though things don’t go right. She is reserved for someone and is blessed everyday because of the things that I have right now. She may not be rich just like others but she is confidently beautiful and contented with a heart.


Calopez, Shiela Mae

She’s an introvert who finds comfort in reading books and watching Korean dramas. A typical teenage girl who loves to eat but hates getting fat. She dreams to work in a famous fashion magazine someday and has the aspiration to travel. Having the fear of speaking in front of a crowd, she expresses herself through writing. She is very forgivable and understanding but just like everyone else she, too, has her own limits.


Dimalanta, Michael James M.

He is a funny and mystic person. He has a split persona named James. James has a anger management problem and according to him, you will only just know him when it has reached his limits so be careful what you say to him. But MJ is a sweet and lovable person. MJ cares a lot for his family, friends and love ones so be friend with MJ. However, both are them are over protective to others who are special to them. They love each personalities so be nice to both of them so they can your be your friends. James is a overprotective to MJ because he know MJ is weak so James got to be strong for MJ. On the other hand, MJ is a peace maker. He know how to calm down a person specially James.


Dunton, Celsea T.

A communication student with a dream of becoming a doctor and likes reading stuff with regards to health. She can often be seen reading the ingredients of every product she bought and end up researching about it. She’s a bookworm despite her looks and likes making her own imaginary world. Most importantly this girl has a big appetite and loves to eat delicious food especially ice cream. In addition she is a person who doesn’t believe in forever in this life only change, not that she’s bitter she’s just being reasonable and scientific.


Erispe, Patricia Nicole R.

She’s a bubbly and cheerful ordinary teenager, who loves to be with her friends all the time. Make them happy and feel them that there’s no problem in this world. Sometimes she is happy go lucky girl but as much as possible she avoids this kind of attitude. She loves to travel and explore everything. She likes to take selfies all the time. And for her small talks is important especially to those people who care and loves her.


Fernandez, Girlie Anne D.

She is just a simple Communication Major student who loves to eat while studying. Being an only child, she treats her dogs as her siblings. She is a consistent achiever, is never contented, and always asks for more. She likes competition and her insecurities motivate her. She loves the idea of being in love and believes that nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them.


Francisco, Jude Angelo J.

He is a simple and dreamy kind of person living his twisted world with a mixture of happiness, sadness, anger and all other emotions. He believes in alter-ego and has one every time he performs. He loves to sing, dance and compose his own song every time he needs to release what he feels. He got the characteristics of being a leader. He always believes in second chances and that no matter what happen, we must always choose to forgive and love. He believes in the line “BE KIND AND HAVE COURAGE” in Cinderella movie.


Guerrero, Gerald Mae A.

She is a simpleton living her life for happiness. She loves social sciences and is very open minded; for her music and arts is one of her place to return to. Has a soap obsession, so far of all the soaps she have tried pears is the best. Is a certified Minajesty; she loves rap, for her this is the most enjoyable hobby while expanding her vocabulary. She’s an achiever, she will never settle for less. One day she will fuck the whole universe.


Gutierrez, Michelle B.

She is just a simple girl who dreams to be a popular actress. She always wants to entertain people and make them laugh. She’s a very responsible student but she’s having a hard time expressing her thoughts verbally. She likes to watch Korean drama and is an avid fan of the walking dead. She’s single since birth because she believes that she can find her true love at the right time, in the right place, and with the right person.


Hernandez, Kristalyn M.

She is a happy and optimistic person who dreams to be a part of the entertainment industry someday. She loves listening to music and going out with her loved ones and friends. She is afraid to be left alone, yet she finds peace being with herself. Communication is very important to her because she believes that when you open up your thoughts and emotions to someone, it makes them feel comfortable to you and will ease up everything that is getting to their mind. For her, life is like a roller coaster. It is full of ups and downs so we need to enjoy it and live our life to the fullest.


Isidro, Rica Mae C.

She’s a shy type and simple communication major student, who loves to travel but don’t have enough budget. She’s also passionate dancer, singer, actress, model and impersonator at HOME! She’s also active in some curricular activities, especially events in school. Also, she really loves to do some art works like painting and drawing and also appreciating others artwork. In addition, she’s always love the idea of being admire by others.


Labastida, Marina L.

She is a fourth-year AB Communication student and a correspondent wanna be. She is a family-oriented person and just want to observe the things around her. She loves to watch Korean dramas and just surf in the internet. She always see hope and have the courage to face the reality of life. She believes that good things come to those who wait.