Tinder Loving Care

             There are many ways to enjoy your life as being single. You have the chance to build a better lifestyle and also you have the chance to know yourself more. But, if you want to explore things, you can use dating apps, like “Tinder” and this is going about today.

              According to research, Tinder is the dating app that came out of nowhere to completely dominate the UK dating scene – find out the latest about the hugely popular dating app.

              Tinder connects to your Facebook account and uses your phone’s GPS to find other users around you. You can choose up to five photos from your Facebook account to put on display, and also write a bio. The only other personal info that is made public is your first name and your age. Tinder allows users to browse through profile cards, ‘swipe right’ on potentially good ones, and ‘swipe left’ to move on to the next card. If two users swiped right on each other, “It’s a match!” and the chat feature unlocks so they can communicate.

              So what’s the big deal with Tinder? If you’re single, you’re probably on there. If you’re happily coupled up, you’ve probably helped your single girl friends swipe through the reams of desirable – and not so desirable – potential dates. You cannot escape it.

              We are using dating apps like Tinder because we want to gain more satisfaction in our own selves, especially when someone don’t appreciate us the way we who we are. Some teenagers use this because this can also help us to avoid waste of time particularly when we have something to do and have a productive day. So what kind of satisfaction are you gaining from this dating app?

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Nabibigyan ako ng satisfaction in a way na kapag kunwari stressed ako sa school, papahinga ko saglit then gagamitin ko sya. Nakikipag-usap ako sa random people. Another satisfaction na nabibigay sakin is naaappreciate yung mukha ko.” 

Crishia Villanueva





      “Pag wala lang akong ginagawa tapos pag stress ako,
                                     para may makausap lang ganon

Shiela Mae Calopez








Kapag may nakaka-usap ako lalo na kapag bored ako, ganon, ginagamit ko yung tinder kapag maghahanap ako ng gwapong lalake, ganon!” –Patricia Erispe



There are only three reasons I have observe from the experience of my friends  when they are using Tinder. Maybe some are looking to find their fuck buddies, or maybe  they want to find their true love by swiping on their pictures,  and at the very least,  It’s great for making friends. 





Nakilala ko yung girlfriend ko dahil sa Tinder, mabait naman sya at narealize ko na hindi lahat ng gumagamit ng Tinder is sex lang ang habol, may true love sa tinder.

                                                                –Peter Sam Reyes


What are the benefits of using Tinder?

  1. It will reduce the chances of you texting your ex.

Having Tinder will make sure that in those moments of weakness, you can channel your energy towards swiping left or right on pictures of strangers instead of doing things you will regret later.

  1. It eliminates the small talk

Some people do not enjoy the thrill of the chase, and for centuries, there was nothing they could do to avoid that awkward beginning of a potential relationship. If this sounds like you, Tinder is the perfect way to get to the point and skip the small talk.

  1. It lets you meet people outside your social circle

Tinder allows you to meet people are not in your social circle and sometimes, if things don’t seem like they will work out in terms of a relationship, you can just stay friends, meet their friends, and expand your social horizons.

  1. It allows you to remain stable even if things don’t work out

Since the person you meet on Tinder will probably not know your friends or family, if things don’t work out between you guys, you don’t have to face the horror of hanging out with them even after you break up or having people you know ask about them. It can be your little secret.

Old way of courtship gradually died.
Nowadays, because of this technologies, old way of courtship gradually died. We can easily talk through this dating apps by the use of chatting conversation.




This is a generation kase na lahat tayo nakadepende na sa technology particularly sa social media
Eycee Munoz




Old way of courtship are still in there.
There are still nice people who chose to face their fear when facing the family of their special someone.





Yung nakilala ko kasi sa Tinder, si neil, nililigawan nya parin ako sa bahay, nagdadala sya ng flowers and chocolates and humihingi sya ng permiso sa magulang ko, so uso parin kahit papano yung old ways of courtship.” –Crishia Villanueva



Why people tend to use dating apps specially Tinder? What are the possible psychological effect of using it? How it affects the mental health of every persons who are using it?

According to Ms. Annabelle Espiritu, a Psychologist, tinder users may feel less satisfied with their bodies and appearance, and male Tinder users tend to have lower self-steem than non-Tinder users, according to a study presented at the annual conference of the American Psychological Association. Tinder users were more likely to embrace societal expectations of beauty, to compare their appearance to others, to draw information about attractiveness from the media, and to experience body image issues.













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