My feelings about MaryJane

“I knew and the world, that herb was created for the use of man. Herb was here before man, so that means if man can control quietly the laws of who created herb, because herb is not an illusion it is creation and it was created by a divine man for divine purposes, Rastafari.” -Song For The Suspect (Franco). 

Buchoy is just a teenager, and despite of his young age, he is already a Marijuana user. His parents are working abroad, that’s why there is no one there who had the capability to guide him in every decision he will make about his life. Marijuana is known for different names, some called it “Doobie”, “Pot”, “Ganjah”,”Burn”,”Weed”,”Herb”,”Chongke” and of course “MaryJane”.

“Kapag mag-isa ako wala akong ginagawa kundi mag weed, lalo’t wala naman akong kasama at halos lahat ng mga kaibigan ko ay gumagamit din ng Marijuana kaya wala na din akong nagawa kundi gumaya nalang sa kanila“.

As he said, it is obviously that one of the factors that made him into that situation is his environment, most of his friends are using Marijuana and it’s his choice that he mimics them for using marijuana also.

“ Ang sarap kasi sa feeling lalo na kapag may problema ako, halos lumilipad ako kapag sabog ako. One time nga sa sobrang sabog ko, paglabas ko ng kwarto parang may liwanag na kumukuha sakin. Natakot ako syempre, pero ang sarap lang sa feeling.”

Marijuana affect to its user differently, some of them are experiencing hallucinations every time they use it. And some of them like “Food-trips” after using weed, eat all you can until your mouth is tired from chewing food yet your stomach wants more! Yes it is actually good feeling, the harmony that running through your head, the feeling of floating in the air while you are walking. The relaxing feeling and chilling vibrations of getting high. Those are some of the signs that you’ve been already hit by the pot according to Buchoy.

“Minsan kapag hindi ako nakakagamit, hindi talaga ako mapakali eh. Alam mo yun? Kumbaga sa pagkain maihahalintulad ko ito sa dessert.”

Buchoy is already addicted by the spirit of the Marijuana, He can’t even control himself from using MaryJane.


There’s this Facts about Drug Abuse that are giving information to those people that haven’t enough ideas about the Marijuana. It is stated there that “Marijuana use impairs a person’s ability to form new memories and to shift focus. Its active component, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) also disrupts coordination and balance, posture, and reaction time (experience commonly referred to as “spacing out”). Thus, chronic marijuana use significantly reduces a person’s capacity to learn, carry-out complicated tasks, participate in sports, driving and operating other machineries. Studies also show that marijuana use can lead to lung cancer and other problems in the respiratory and immune systems.”

According to the United Nations, 158.8 million people around the world use marijuana—more than 3.8% of the planet’s population.

Negative effects of Marijuana

  • Problems with memory and learning
  • Distorted perception(sights, sounds, time, touch)
  • Trouble with thinking and problem solving
  • Loss of motor coordination
  • Increased heart rate and palpitations


President Duterte said that he would not allow the legalization of Marijuana, but he supports the use of medical marijuana. Yes it’s not that bad if people use this, but everything has its limitation. Everything has its purpose, and they have to control themselves for using this kind of Herb.

“Hindi ko alam kung mahihinto ko pa ang pag gamit ko sa Marijuana. Pero siguro pagdating ng panahon, kung mababawasan ko ba ‘to o mas lalala. Ewan ko, bahala na si batman.”

This statement just made me speechless. I don’t know, at his very young age and didn’t have the sufficient wisdom to take care himself for the better future. Maybe sooner or later He will realize it that it’s not too late to change your perspective in life. There are many ways and opportunities for him to change it for the better. I’m not anti/pro Marijuana, but they have to control it and everything has its limitations.

*Due to the sensitivity of the issue, Buchoy asked to not post any pictures of him.*



About the Author

Antonio, Cedrix Louise L.

He’s just a shy type person who likes to draw and make his own art. He likes photography and composing songs. He loves the art of music that lingers through his ears. For him, imagining world without an art is totally dull. He doesn’t believe in second chances. He always thinks that each of us is one of a kind and a piece of art. He has his own world.




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