A Big Milestone

When we are still young we wanted to reach all of our dreams. We thought everything will be easy as we grow up.  We never thought of different challenges we could face as we became eager to have all the adults having right now. Life is indeed full of surprises. There are things we don’t expect yet here they are in front of us, no matter how we run from it we will never have an escape plan for it. Things we don’t pray for but He still insists to give to us. For what? Is it to serve as a lesson? Or to provide a purpose in our life? As they say, God will never give you a trials or problems that you can’t beat. But what if this trial will make a big change in our life? How will be able to handle this when were still starting to explore the world we are right now.

 Love comes in different and most mysterious ways. Everyone has the right to love and be loved. Any physical attributes in life won’t matter when it comes to love.  They say “Love conquers all”, but do it still applicable to a 16 year old girl and a 23 year old man. How things will turn out for a girl and a man?


“Hindi naging madali ang lahat sakin, samin when we found out that I’m pregnant. Like hello, how do you expect a high school student get pregnant in that age.”

She’s  Ryan Avellana, the first child, the older sister to her younger brother and sister, she was expected to help out her parents not just in financially aspect but in ruling out their family. But that was 12 years ago.  Right now, she is Ryan Alagao, a mother of two children, a wife. She’s expecting to be the light of her own family. She’s doing decisions not just for herself but decisions for her family. There’s no other things could make her happy other than the smiles on her husband and children faces.

14302891_120300000144279282_990326696_nShe was 15 years old when he met him. No one has ever thought that they’re “kuya-kuyahan” scene will lead into something deeper.

He’s Ohlan Alagao, a music director. All of the youth and sometimes the elders call him “Kuya Oh”.  “Hindi naman talaga sya yung napansin ko eh. Kundi yung pinsan nya.”– Kuya Oh

But despite of these entire denied attraction between the two of them, it still managed to have spaces on their own heart and life. They had a smooth sailing relationship, maybe because they both praying and looking for the guidance of our Lord. Their relationship was being approved by the parents of the both sides.  Everything was great. But of course in every greatness there will be always its downfall. After a year of relationship the biggest trial they could ever face has been set to their lives.

She was 16 years old when she found out that she was pregnant. It wasn’t easy at all. Living in a judgmental society, everyone will have a say on her situation.

“nung malaman ko syempre natakot, bata pa ako nun. wala akong pinagsabihan maliban kay kuya oh.” – she said. “nung age ko na yun, hindi ako masyado affected… parang who cares pero im not that proud either na maaga akong nabuntis… basta focus ako sa baby.. hindi ko pa masyadong kaya na mag multitask noon siguro.”– she also added

But that doesn’t worry them, what makes them worried more is their families reaction. Will they still accept her after the truth they will unleash?  A lot of thoughts have been wondering on her head the moment she knew her conditioned. But despite all of these ideas on her mind, they faced her family strongly. They prepare their selves for the things that they could hear from them.

A family is still a family no matter what happens. At first they got mad on them. It is an acceptable reaction from a parent when they knew that they’re child got pregnant. They accepted her as they accepted the baby, they took care of her since she’s still minor but they doesn’t make Kuya Oh, leave her side.

After nine months of carrying the child, on April 28th of 2003 a bouncing baby girl was born.

“Nang makita ko ang baby, nawala lahat ng sakit at lungkot na nararamdaman ko nung nalaman kong buntis siya”– Mama Glo, Mother of Ryan.

“Mixed emotions, nakakaiyak, natuwa ako kasi finally eto na siya nakabalot na sa lampen gumagalaw maganda mapink. Then natakot kasi madaming questions if kaya ko ba iprovide yung lahat ng pangangailangan niya, magiging mabuting nanay ba ako…” that what she said when I asked her how does it feel when she carried her baby for the first time.

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An overwhelming emotion every time she’ll remember that day. But behind this big emotions on their hearts they neglected somehow those important matters they should consider since now they’re not just a couple but a parent. How could this girl could make it and be a responsible wife and a mother?

“It’s not that hard naman naman for the first year kasi I’m living with my parent pa, wala pa ako sa reality ng buhay noon. Pero when we got married after a year mahirap kasi you have to do everything all by yourself. eh 17 lang ako noon wala akong alam sa household chores pero sa pagaalaga ng bata malawak ang experience ko kasi I got to babysit you and kevin.”

Dharlene Ysabel Alagao, a resemblance of his Daddy. The baby after the long time on each others family. She gave happiness to each one of them. Their little princess. As she grew up her parents having rough time on their lives, but it doesn’t affect her in any way. She’s jolly, she loves to make other people smile. She was the refreshment of the family. She was their source of strength. They fight for her.


Despite of all the negative feedback that they heard behind of their backs, they still keep intact with each other. They prove from those people that they will never bring them down.

“that God is just. nakikita ni Lord ang mga struggles ko ,that help is on it’s way” In every people who look down on them, they are the tool that was being given to them to keep on going and to make those people see that every discouragement that was thrown to them they will not surrender.

After 11 years who would have thought that they will be given another angel. Samantha Martina Alagao, the Aura of their family.

“Hindi ko hiningi si Aura nung malaman ko na buntis ako for the 2nd time nalungkot ako. kasi para sakin ok na kami, nakabuo na kami ng routine sanay na kaming 3 lang, tapos may baby ulit, new adjustment. pero I trust God’s timing. His plan is better than mine.”– She said


They’re life isn’t easy as it looks like. Her life. Her story was like the usual scenario in the teenager nowadays. But the thing about her story is that she overcome the trials and challenges that was being thrown to her. And the good thing about this she doesn’t face it alone, she has her husband on her side and doesn’t leave her from the start.

In today’s life, being pregnant in early time people will judge you. There are a lots of single parent out there, raising their child alone. FACING THE REALITY OF LIFE ALONE. There are few people out there who will stand for their actions. 10881544_10202266130653082_2066393130350954806_n.jpg


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