Tanggol Wika

Don’t let yourself kill your own language!

In today’s generation where we are in the stage of globalization, we aim to globally match with other developed and even developing countries. In the midst of this global environment English language is somehow our weapon in this world of globalization to interact and compete with other countries. But the question is do we still used this language as a tool to be globally competitive or we have this mentality that English is more important to the point that we forgot the real value of our own native tongue? And what is our stand in this debate?

Behind this infamous comparison between Filipino and English there’s a reason why this kind of debate happened on our own society? But first of all what is the stand of some students regarding these two languages.



Celsea Dunton stated that she chose English it is because she’s having a difficulty in constructing her opinion using a pure Filipino language.


In which a contrary to what Keziah Faye Narciso stated wherein she’s more comfortable expressing her opinion and thoughts in Filipino.


For Rica Mae Isidro, she chose Filipino language because she supports her own native tongue and being nationalistic.

But why is there an ongoing debate between these two languages?


Ms. Janella Mae Cadiente, Filipino Professor in STI Novaliches

Photo credit to James Amante

According to Ms. Janella Cadiente, a professor of Filipino in STI Novaliches, it is just normal for a person to compare things in his surroundings but the reason on why we are comparing Filipino and English it is because there is an interaction between these two languages. Ever since the Philippines have been colonized by the Americans we also considered English as one of our official language. Taking for example the context that we have in our laws wherein there is a Filipino and English version while other countries such as laws in South Korea was written in their own language. We compared these two languages it is because we were used to consider these two as our official language and it was just catered to us.


“Kaya natin siya pinagkokompara ay dahil inahinan tayo ng dalawang wika. Ibig sabihin hindi mo naman pagkokomparahin ang adobo at menudo ng  walang dahilan yung bigla mo lang naisip na sige nga pagkomparahin natin. Pinagkompara mo siya dahil parehas siyang inihain sayo. “


Considering this endless comparison between our own native tongue and the English language, is there some sort of discrimination or issue happened pertaining to the Filipino language?

The issue of the removal of Filipino subject in the curriculum in College resulted to a various discussion online and even with professionals/professors, institutions and students that supports our very own language. There are different stand, point-of-views and beliefs that have been shared to voice out their side but still the Supreme Court decided to stop the implementation of the removal of Filipino subject in College.

Even in other countries, there are still reported cases of discrimination in Filipino language just like the issue happened between the Pinay nurses working in Canada and the hospital that they’ve been working for. The Pinay nurses who have been working in this hospital complained about a discrimination that they’ve experienced in speaking with their own native language saying that they were always told to used English when they are having a conversation in which the Filipina nurse felt ashamed and humiliated. That is why they conduct an action to report this issue in which they won in this case and gave them $1 million dollar for a language discrimination settlement from the hospital where they are working.


So what is the stand of a student who aims to support and love her very own language?

Being a future Filipino teacher, Chelsey Mae Baltazar, a student of Philippine Normal University taking up education major in Filipino, she points out that comparing Filipino to English language is just pointless. Her advice is that the best way to do is to care for these languages and used it on their real purpose. And just like what she keeps on saying pertaining to this issue

Chelsey Mae D.Baltazar, PNU Student major in Filipino

“Lagi kong sinasabi na ang mga wika ay may sari-sariling lakas, kapangyarihan at kahinaan. Ang ingles at Filipino parehas din, walang mataas at mababang wika meron lang namamatay na wika dahil hindi ito nagagamit pero walang makapangyarihang wika.”

She stand on her belief that all languages must be used and treated fairly, they are all powerful as long as we can also do our best to uplift the essence of these languages. Ms. Baltazar stated that we Filipino’s must used our own native language on our daily conversation it is because we are the citizen of this country. Meanwhile we use the English language as a tool and our weapon in this so-called globalization. We’re also using this as a way to communicate and understand the culture of other countries.


“Ang wikang Filipino at Ingles ay hindi pwedeng paglabanin sa isa’t isa bagkus kailangan magtulungan itoing dalawang wika para mas lalong paigtingin ang paggamit ng ibat ibang wika sa ibat ibang bansa.”


What urge her to pursue her stand  and dedication to protect her very own language?

Behind those powerful statements and remark pertaining to this matter Ms. Baltazar is just a normal student who has a brighter future for the Filipino language. She said that she was inspired by her teachers in Filipino way back in high school to make her realized her hidden passion in entering the world of education most especially as a future defendant of the Filipino language.



” Ang mga Filipino teachers ko ang nagmulat sakin kung ano ang halaga ng Filipino bilang isang larangan, bilang isang wika na kailangan sa pagiging Filipino.”

Her love and dedication for her very own language is priceless and it is something that she wants to share with other students who also want to pursue the profession where she belongs.

The issues about Filipino language discrimination just urge her even more to support her own native tongue.


What is the stand of a Filipino language professor regarding this issue?


Photo credit to James Amante

As a professional in the world of education and for someone who cherished and defend the importance of Filipino language she doesn’t have any negative implication with the people who discriminate or even humiliate the Filipino language. She even understand the sentiments and opinion of other people regarding this matter and just like what she have said it is normal for us to compare various things in our surroundings same with the comparison and arguments between these two languages.  But Ms. Cadiente is pointing out that we should not be the one who will going to kill our own language.


Ang lahat ng sinasabi tungkol sa wikang Filipino ay tumatalbog lamang pabalik sa Filipino na nagsasalita ng masama tungkol sa sarili nyang wika.  “



“Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika, daig pa ang hayop at malansang isda”

Degrading your very own language is a manifestation that you’re also discriminating yourself as a Filipino.

What’s the future for Filipino language?

Our youth can be the key for a brighter future for Filipino language

Both Chelsey and Ms. Janella Cadiente believed that there is a bright future for our official and native language. The Filipino language is dynamic wherein as time goes by there’s a new word that will arise and add to the language itself. And Filipino is now in the process or level of intellectualization and conformed with other languages.


“Mananatiling buhay ang wikang Filipino hanggat may mga taong umuusog at nagpapataas ng antas ng ating sariling wika”







About the Author


Princess Baltazar

She is an ordinary and pessimistic type of girl who has a low self-esteem and expect all the negative things throughout her path however she finds comfort and peace every time she writes. She is an aspiring writer that wants to touch the emotion of her readers on the stories that she will write. Her negative perception in life brings her down for a lot of times but she is trying to learn and be strong despite her downfall experiences. She also loves to travel, watch Korean dramas and movies, listen to music or just simply going to different places all by herself to vent out her problems and worries.










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