PwD but extraordinary

He is Richardson Estrella Navor a simple person with simple dreams for his self but big dreams for his family, for others, and for our country.He is a man with cerebral palsy but extraordinary. He is not just a Person with Disability (PwD) but also a Person Who Made Difference.

“I am a PwD, a Person with Disability and at the same time a Person Who made a Difference

Having a disability comes with struggles. Some people think that they can only do limited things but for him, proving himself to society is one of his struggle.

“Being a PwD I am always a recipient of pity from other people at the same time, they limit my involvement and action and they undermine my possible contribution”

“It’s really a struggle to prove to them that despite of my disability, I can function and contribute just as much as other people”


Prof. Richardson E. Navor, a 2008 BS Accountancy graduate, Magna Cum Laude, of the UE College of Business Administration-Caloocan turned Accountancy and Financial Management professor of the College.

He is 28 years old Prof. Navor was a multi-achiever in his student days, including being the Founding President of Book Lovers of the University of the East, which he founded in his freshman year; President of the UE CBA Caloocan Student Council in his sophomore year; Vice President for Academics of the UE Caloocan Chapter of the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) in his third year; President of UE Caloocan’s Central Student Council (CSC) in his fourth year; and Vice President for Information and Publicity of the National Federation of the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants’ (NFJPIA) National Capital Region (NCR) Council in his fifth year.

On his graduation from UE on April 17, 2008, he was not just a Latin honor recipient: He was also an Outstanding Graduate Awardee, UE Caloocan’s Leadership Awardee for Men and a College Distinguished Graduate Awardee—marking the first time for a single UE graduate to earn those three latter titles. Prof. Navor’s biggest recognition yet came shortly after he graduated: He was awarded as one of the 2008 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines on July 17 that year.  Source: UE News

He was awarded as the 2015 Happiest Pinoy by Cebuna Lhuillier
We all know that having disability is not easy. People will make fun of you, but for him…

“Struggle is not so much of the teasing… because I can just shake that off..”

…and some people don’t even understand the feeling of having this disabilities but Mr. Navor did not let this hinder his path towards achieving his goals.
He overcome all this struggles and now he has chosen to share his experiences to his students and to other people.

“I want to share my story kasi I want to touch other people that’s my way of paying forward and a way for me to help other PwDs.. kasi people will have a different way of looking at people like us”

And now he is continuing making legacy in every people’s life.

” I want to believe na with every student I handle, every person who listened to my story, every help I extend to other people changes their live, changes their way of looking at Pwds. I hope it makes them better and that’s the legacy I want to leave someone who touched others and helped”


About the Author

Angeles, Ron Christian S.

He is a very friendly person who loves photography and graphic design. He likes to travel with friends. He believes that YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE SO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT.

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