Mirror, Mirror


We’ve all know that our “kilay” is one of the important parts in our face that’s why women put so much effort to fix it and it could take longer than we ought to.

Our “kilay” or eyebrows in English is one of the most defined parts in our face other than the lips, cheeks, eyes, and nose.


There are different things you can use to add definition and curve to this part it just depends on you which will you use.

Shows some of the things you can use for your eyebrows (here are you can see some brush, pencil or liquid liner, and a gel liner)

You can also trim or shave your eyebrows but not that much cause it may look weird without eyebrows.

Shows how an eyebrow is shaved or trim lightly to show the figure of the eyebrow

But it’s not just our eyebrows that we tend to struggle every day right?


Click here to watch an eyebrow tutorial for beginners


The Struggle is REAL

“Toner every day then special ointment na may kasama ng sunblock then kilay after that lipstick and lip stain, foundation, and concealer”, that’s the daily makeup routine of a Meryll Pangan also known as Merps, a 19 years old AB Communication student from Caloocan.


Like any other teenager Merps is also conscious about her appearance and due to the influence of her classmate Merps learn to put makeup especially in her kilay.

“Second year second sem dun nagsimula ang lahat. When I was in first year wala pa kong alam sa ganyan. Di pa ako marunong magkilay and sobrang nipis pa nun ng kilay ko. Naconscious ako sa itsura ko kaya nagaral akong magkilay” she said.


“Marami na rin akong pinagdaanan na pang kilay from pencil, liquid or gel type to revolving liner” she added.




Showing Merps ability in putting kilay on people

Just like Merps, most of us are concern about out physical appearance and who wouldn’t right?



Courtesy of  www.wisegeek.com

Physical appearance is one of the biggest predictors of self-esteem that’s why people will definitely do everything to uphold to the status quo of perfect figures, pearly white teeth, shiny long and straight hair that sometimes it goes on drastic measures.

Now a day, we can see that plastic surgery is a boom in a lot of countries like US, South Korea, Thailand, Brazil, and etc. Plastic Surgery continues to be the answer for people whose beauty is measured by their outer appearance and the age of undergoing it goes younger and younger based on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2015 data. Based on the age bracket of 18 years old and under, from 1.8% last year it’s now 1.9%.

Courtesy of  www.wisegeek.com

Eastern Mestiza’s

“Pagmaputi ka maganda ka” that’s the basis of beauty here in our country that’s why Filipino’s tend to use whitening products to be able to achieve pinkish fairness skin. For us, Filipinos beauty depends on our skin color.

Courtesy of POND’S PH

The portrayal of it in our media is really often seen widely. Celebrities from different stations endorsed different whitening products that sometimes not true. There are also brands saying that you’ll get whiter in just seven days of use of their product and somewhat it marked in our way of thinking that being fair is in that’s why “patok ang ganitong mga commercials”

Well, there isn’t bad in trying right even if it’s obvious that the product isn’t that effective on you. You will still continue to use it in your daily routine until “nga-nga” in the end.


Mirror on the wall

Growing up we are familiar with fairy tales which our parents may sometimes read to us before we sleep. One of it is the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

Courtesy of subscene.com

But what we are pointing out here is not snow white but the QUEEN who is famous for her “Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all” line.

Courtesy of disney.wikia.com

We all know how the story goes right. She tried to kill Snow White using a poisoned apple because she want’s to be the fairest of them all. In other versions, the Queen even try to eat Snow Whites heart to stay young forever. In the end, the Queen didn’t succeed after all Snow White still is the fairest of them all.

The lesson, don’t envy too much because just like the Queen you would ruin your own happy ending.


Beauty is wealth

People are much more engaged in making their physical appearance better and desirable. For them, beauty is literally wealth.

“Appearance is very important because it’s something evolutionary. It’s about also survival so if you could explain it in an evolutionary standpoint, as animals we tend to be attracted sa magagandang mate. Pag di ka maganda or di ka attractive your chances of survival in the animal context will be slim” according to Mr. Jayson Salmasan Parena, a guidance counselor from University of the East.

guidance counselor
Mr. Jayson Salmasan Parena

“In the human context kasi meron tayong social aspect ng buhay. There’s this judgement or stereotyping that people or human beings per se are wired to judge, to make quick judgment or to act quickly so if you are someone not very desirable in terms of facial value or the looks per se chances are people would judge you according to what they see” he added

The context of being pretty and beautiful is really a very important matter especially in our society of mannequins and Barbie promotion.


It start within

“Confidence can really be affected based on how you look but it will also be dependent on how you see yourself” said by Mr. Parena


“Self confidence begins with the self. If the person has a strong foundation for his confidence or rather if his/her confidence is not taken solely from physical appearance then most likely he would be confident even if the physical appearance is not really desirable” he added.

Just like Mr. Parena said, it begins within us and it depends on your basis of beauty. If you see your physical appearance as the basis of it or from your inner self-depends on you.

Courtesy of Dove

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