We met every time you are on school. I usually hear your chatter with your friends or your fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Bear with me if I speak to you for I care, after all I am also a mother and I don’t wanna see you cry and get hurt.


You may not notice me but I always see you.I am just someone who you might not care. A lady in the elevator who you may never even remember. You may sometimes see me smile at you but behind those curved lips are stories not yet untold.



More than what you think, I am a mother of two, one boy and one girl, and they are the most wonderful gift I have that I couldn’t give to you.Yes I don’t have a husband for we’ve not been together for a long time but I’m proud to say that I’ve raised my children well even without their father for I am both: a mother and a father to them.


Please respect me as I respect you and do not belittle me for my job. I may  be poor but I am rich with friends and love.


I am Josefina A. Quibrantos and I’ve been working in as an elevator operator for 4 years now. Although it’s sometimes uncomfortable inside I am still waiting for you with a smile….



About the Author

Dunton, Celsea T.

A communication student with a dream of becoming a doctor and likes reading stuff with regards to health. She can often be seen reading the ingredients of every product she bought and end up researching about it. She’s a bookworm despite her looks and likes making her own imaginary world. Most importantly this girl has a big appetite and loves to eat delicious food especially ice cream. In addition she is a person who doesn’t believe in forever in this life only change, not that she’s bitter she’s just being reasonable and scientific.

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