Turn it well.

Kimberly Boneo is a student in University of the East Caloocan who’s taking the course of Bachelor of arts Major in Marketing Management.  She lives along heroes street, Caloocan City. She’s a member of Youth for Christ (YFC), a Christian catholic church near on where she lives.


They usually talk about the word of God, last May 12, 2016, they had this special event on their church in St. Gabriel Church where in each of her church member had this special retreat for themselves. They also invited kids and let all of them play whenever and wherever they want. Of course, they never forget to feed them because we all know that kids nowadays are easy to felt hunger because they get exhausted too much. Last but not the least, they also teach those kids about the words of Jesus and let them be on the right track at the very young age.

When Kimberly is new at the Youth for Christ (YFC), she had this experience wherein she just realized how God loves her so much and starting to appreciate everything about him. Her church mate(Erika) had this “talk” and share everything about her experience in life.

“She told us to close our eyes and let our self focus to her while she’s preaching, Iyak ako ng iyak, halos huma-gulgol ako sa mga sinasabi niya.”

Erika told us to start open our eyes and the moment I opened it, I saw my mom standing and smiling in front of me. She hugged me tight like she will never let go of me. She gave me a letter containing all of the things she wanted to tell me a long time ago. Tears starts to fall in my eyes again, I cried like a whimp. After that, i felt relieve and makes my feeling more better and better.



Sometimes, all we need is to focus on the right path and let us see the road of joy and tranquility. Let the light comes our way, and let Him lead the way for us to a better future. 🙂


About the Author

Antonio, Cedrix Louise L.

He’s just a shy type person who likes to draw and make his own art. He likes photography and composing songs. He loves the art of music that lingers through his ears. For him, imagining world without an art is totally dull. He doesn’t believe in second chances. He always thinks that each of us is one of a kind and a piece of art. He has his own world.

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