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She is Rochelle Ann Malumay, 19 years old. Rochelle is currently studying AB Communication at University of the East – Caloocan, now on her 4th year. She is from 5th Ave. Caloocan City. Growing up with her 3 siblings, an OFW mother and a police father (Currently SPO4), her views in life and love have helped her to become the person that she is righy now.

I asked her 10 questions about love – her past relationships and how she handled it. Let us find out and learn more about Rochelle’s story 🙂 (Osang as her friends call her).


What is your Ideal Man? 

Growing up, Rochelle’s fantasy about his ideal man would be like a prince charming material: Rich, handsome, and of course someone that she will be proud of to present to her family. But on what she experience on his past 4 relationships, her view on his ideal man changed. From the once prince charming that she dreams of, she became realistic now of his ideal man. A man who is responsible, gentleman, and has the guts to face her family. Especially SP04 Mr. Rocky Malumay. 🙂

Where do you base your Ideal Man?

Asked about how she came up with his ideal man, Osang said:

” Us woman deserves a man who has an ambition in life. A responsible man who thinks of his future.”

And I agree to her on that part 😉 But for me, us woman should also strive hard not just for a man, but especially for ourselves. Right? Definitely right.

What is your unforgettable moment on your past relationships?

“Akala mo sobrang tagal na kayo to the point na nagiging futuristic ka na sa relationship nyo. Akala mo sya na papakasalan mo. Yun pala hindi. Hahaha.”


What is the struggles that you encounter on your past relationships?

Rochelle shared that her usual struggle on her past relationships is that her family had become a hindrance. One great factor would be her parents, especially her father who is a police. He never wants her to enter into a relationship at her very young age. But when asked if ever she will enter a relationship now she said that maybe it will be okay now at her legal age.

Biggest Mistake that someone (in your past relationship) had done to you?

“He left me hanging without any reason, then came back after I move on.”

Ouch 😦

Biggest Mistake that you’ve done on your past relationships?

When asked about the biggest mistake that she have done on her past relationships, Rochelle said that it would be when she had two boyfriends at the same time. I know it was a sensitive issue so I keep it with her and respected her side. For her privacy, I didn’t ask more about this statement. 🙂


Hardest situation during past relationships

Osang said that her hardest situation on her past relationships would be choosing between her family and the one she loves. But she always ends up choosing her family because for her, Family is the most important.

You go girl! 😉

How did you overcome it?

Rochelle said that her friends played an important role on her moving on process. Hanging around with them makes her forget her sadness and cheers her up. 🙂

Lesson learned

“Wag mag settle sa isang tao kasi gusto ko sya. Dapat ko isaalang-alang yung worth ko as a woman para maisip ko kung ano ba talaga yung deserve ko.”

Advice you can give to our readers 🙂

     “Know your worth, don’t seek your worth from others because you deserve better.”

❤ 🙂 ❤ 🙂 ❤ 🙂

               As a normal teenager, we experience love at a very young age. It may make or break us but the most important thing is that we learn and become a stronger version of ourselves.


❤ ❤ ❤

About the Author




Hernandez, Kristalyn M.

She is a happy and optimistic person who dreams to be a part of the entertainment industry someday. She loves listening to music and going out with her loved ones and friends. She is afraid to be left alone, yet she finds peace being with herself. Communication is very important to her because she believes that when you open up your thoughts and emotions to someone, it makes them feel comfortable to you and will ease up everything that is getting to their mind. For her, life is like a roller coaster. It is full of ups and downs so we need to enjoy it and live our life to the fullest.

❤ ❤ ❤

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