“Mahalin at pangalagaan ang trabaho para sa pamilya.”

This is one among the many lessons Kuya Danny learned in his 42 years of life.

A husband, a father of two and a security guard for two decades– he is Domiver Tayongtong also known as Kuya Danny.

Kuya Danny: The Smiling Sikyo ng UE
Kuya Danny: The Smiling Sikyo ng UE

Kuya Danny was an aspiring marine student back then but due to financial instability; he withdrew from college and ended up being a kitchen helper at a Chinese dormitory in the province of Ilo-Ilo from 1994-1995. Hearing stories of better opportunities in finding a good job with good pay in Manila, the young man tried his fortune in 1996 and found the stories of his fellow Ilonggos true. Upon setting his foot here in the metro, serving as a security guard was the career opportunity Kuya Danny had and grabbed to pursued.

Si Jollibee, Char! Kuya Danny at your service!
Si Jollibee, Char! Kuya Danny at your service!

Working for 12 hours 4 to 5 times every week at the University of The East for a year now, there are many stories one university security guard could tell about his profession:  from the easiest part of roving and implementing school policies compared to being assigned to the university entrance gates and accosting students who are not obeying school policies; the hardest wherein he has to be accountable to lost items and; the most rewarding things he has experienced which is to be treated as a friend or sibling by the students in his work. He likes to converse and share stories to the students he gets to encounter every time he’s on duty. Some would share problems to him and ask for some advises but sometimes, he just enjoys talking to people because for him, communicating and sharing ones opinion with others is one way to grow as a person.

ligpit kalat at wearing improper uniform. Bawal ang pasaway!
ligpit kalat at wearing improper uniform. Bawal ang pasaway!

Hearing insulting words from the students who are being confronted when committing some violations and connivance among work mates to do something wrong were only some of the challenges Kuya Danny had experienced in his workplace but despite all these, he still chooses to be honest to his commitment as a security guard, stay on the good side and have a positive attitude.

Before we ended out conversation, I asked, “Para po sa mga taong di nakakakilala sa inyo, papaano nyo po ipapakilala o ilalarawan ang sarili nyo?”

“Masunurin sa mga batas at polisiya, mapagpakumbaba, relihiyoso at mapag-mahal sa trabaho.”

Though he is just a new security guard here in the university, Kuya Danny’s dedication to his job, his passion for excellent service and his experience as a security guard for twenty years is truly invaluable.

Cheers to this smiling, approachable and friendly sikyo ng UE Cal!

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