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A sweet simple student of UE caloocan named Jude Angelo “JUDY” Francisco and taking up AB Communication. At first, he wants to take the course of conservatory of music in UST and  his dream is to become a popular singer in the future. But unfortunately, his fate didn’t the same as what he wants.

He is the recent president of the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council. He also became the secretary of College of Arts and Sciences Student Council last 2015.And Vice president of Rotaract Club 2014-2016.

13901751_1484344094924879_9135488_o.jpg   “I want to make changes and improvement sa Campus natin”

For him, Time management is the most important, you have your checklist, deadlines and plan table for your events. As of now, He has struggles when it comes in school events, seminars and appointments. So as much as possible he do his works a head of time.

When he was a freshman student here in UE Caloocan he never thought to pursue extra curricular activities and just be a typical student.But he enjoyed this kind of activities. He just start as a committee in CAS Student Council. And now he loves what he do.

“Great things don’t come easily kaya for me dapat wag ka titigil, Go lang ng Go”


As part of LGBT community, he thinks it is an opportunity to have the position, and this will be a open door to do activities that would promote equality, change and improvement and not just for the LGBT also straight man and woman. There are still people who degrade us and there still discrimination, but for him as the youth and next inhabitants of this planet we should open about this subject and for our parents.

“An open mind is important, so that everyone would be enlightened and uncaged from the ideal definition of the society”



About the Author

Erispe, Patricia Nicole R.

She’s a bubbly and cheerful ordinary teenager, who loves to be with her friends all the time. Make them happy and feel them that there’s no problem in this world. Sometimes she is happy go lucky girl but as much as possible she avoids this kind of attitude. She loves to travel and explore everything. She likes to take selfies all the time. And for her small talks is important especially to those people who care and loves her.

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