Purpose Behind the Reasons

13901699_1384746694875199_2007018326_oIt all started on November 08, 2013 when Typhoon Yolanda made landfall among the islands of the Philippines causing massive devastation across multiple islands and many of the affected residents came from the poorest communities. Yolanda decimated entire regions as it made landfall five times while crossing over the central Philippine islands.

He is Androe M. Cinco, 20 yrs old, studying Bachelors of Science in Information Technology in University of the East-Caloocan. He is from Tacloban City, Leyte. And since he will be taking his college here in Manila, her mom decided that he will stay in the mean time at his auntie’s house until he graduate and finish his college degree here in Manila.

13902133_1384746731541862_1555630434_oEvery Christmas and Sem break, Androe always see to it that he makes time to go back in Tacloban City to be with his family. And in year 2013, his flight going back in Tacloban were supposed to be november 08, 2013 but his cousin told him that it is more favorable for him to choose November 03, 2013 for him to be able to get enrolled after he went there in Tacloban.

It is November 07 and he’s now going back in Manila. The day after, it was November 08, 2013, everyone has no idea that on that day, that will be the end of their lives. Many people were washed away and nothing has left.


“Nag-aalala kami that day kasi lahat ng family ko, friends ko, nandun sila lahat. A night before nung typhoon I was praying and crying kay Lord na sana okay sila at walang nangyaring masama sa kanila. Hindi namin sila macontact kasi down lahat ng networks, wala silang signal para macontact kami or macontact namin sila.”

“God always have a purpose on everything that happens in our life, just keep praying.”

After two days, he got received a text message from her mother,

“Okay lang kami dito. Walang nasaktan, ligtas kaming lahat.”
He was crying with joy because of that text message. He knew then that God has always something to do about their situation. It is always true that there’s a rainbow always after the rain.

“God said: I will never leave you nor forsake you” -Deutoronomy 31:6



About the Author

Basas, Mary Ann O.

She is just an ordinary woman with a beautiful face and a typical girl who want to be successful in life to make her parents proud. She is an outgoing ambitious student to life. She is a problem solver in a creative way. She makes fun of everything to make things light. She is also eager to learn, meet new people, and visit unseen places with friends, family and together with her loved one. She’s an actor in her own life trying to be happy even though things don’t go right. She is reserved for someone and is blessed everyday because of the things that I have right now. She may not be rich just like others but she is confidently beautiful and contented with a heart.



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