Lights On, Lights Out Baby Gonna Burst in Youth Generation

          This will tackle the people who conquered the struggle in their life. Specifically, it is all about why we should avoid pregnancy in early age.

          She is Grace dela Cruz , 27, from Quezon City and she is one of the teenagers who got pregnant early.

Grace is currently working in a factory  who sells PE uniforms for UE students.

          Grace has a unique story about her love life.  In early age, she got a beautiful mistake in her life. She was 18 years old  when she met her 1st boyfriend named Kim. They are in the same school and luckily, Kim is also part of their group of friends. She finds him cute and also, he’s 2 years younger than her.

         Then one night, their group of friends decided to have a bonding for them to relieve their stress because of studies. They get drunk and unfortunately, something happened.

We got our self in big trouble in our life that time. I was pregnant in that year and we also stop going to the school because of our situation.

          “9 months have passed and we always rely on the mother of my boyfriend because we don’t have a job yet”said by Grace. “Kim moms don’t have a husband that time because they broke up they broke up because of arguments too”said by Grace.”10 years pass it’s not easy for us because we always argue a small things that will lead to a bigger problem to us” said by Grace Dela Cruz.


          Grace Dela Cruz said to me that in early age for her it’s not easy for her because they always fight the leads in split up. Grace said too that she cannot handle it first but when the days pass i really accept the situation that we are having our 1st baby. her parent did not accept it first but when the years pass it’s shown that the parent of Grace Dela Cruz proved that she is a grown up now.

          The old Grace Dela Cruz has gone. The new Grace now that will inspired the youth in this generation that will lead to the youth that early pregnancy will show you what mothers always said to us and mothers wanted to realize in having a family.


           Grace wanted to tell to the youth that early pregnancy is not easy at first because you don’t have the experience yet to become a parent but when the years pass you saw the baby that turn unto a teenager  you will realize the care,the nourish you give it to him/her the outcome of your hardship that because of that child everything in my life has change it leads me to the straight path .Children is not a mistake to us it’s a miracle to us.

          The life of Grace Dela Cruz  and Kim build up a new seed to their life now because we are having a new angel said by Grace Dela Cruz. Grace said to that his husband split up to her because of arguments but when Grace said to his husband that they will having a new baby kim came back to her to fix the mistakes that they have done to their life.

          Grace Dela Cruz and Kim has an equal position in their life they both have jobs to feed their families.


About the Author

Dimalanta, Michael James M.

          He is a funny and mystic person. He has a split persona named James. James has an anger management problem and according to him, you will only know him when he has reached his limits so be careful what you say to him. But MJ is a sweet and lovable person. MJ cares a lot for his family, friends and love ones so be friend with MJ. However, both are them are over protective to others who are special to them. They love each personalities so be nice to both of them so they can your be your friends. James is a overprotective to MJ because he know MJ is weak so James got to be strong for MJ. On the other hand, MJ is a peace maker. He know how to calm down a person specially James.







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