As the saying goes, “Behind every smile is sadness, pain and heartbreak.” Everyone of us can look happy despite the pain and sadness we are bearing. There are people who let out a really positive vibe that you wouldn’t imagine that they are experiencing a problem. Kim is one of those people.


Kimberly Joyce S. Bautista or “Kim” as commonly called by her friends is a 3rd year Fine Arts student majoring in Advertising. She is the youngest of 3 siblings. Her dad works as a seaman and her mom is a housewife. Kim has the talent to paint which lead her to choose the course she is taking up right now. She is also a fan of Kpop music. On her free time, she loves to do texting, surfing the net and playing games.


Kim is known to be a jolly person. She has a lot of friends from different colleges. Name a course and she’ll know someone who’s taking that. She can always be spotted with her AB Communication friends. Kim is the source of her friends’ happiness. I can attest to this because I am her friend, too. We became friends because of our P.E subject. I was a second year student back then; she was a first year. She was the first to approach me and that signaled our friendship as we were also hanging out outside class. Our PE class has become extraordinary because of her. Her crazy antics painted smiles on the faces of our classmates. However, unknown to others, Kim, no matter how happy she seems, has gone through a challenging situation.

“Muntik na ko magstop ng pag-aaral kasi nagkasakit sa balat sa kamay si Tatay. Tapos napaalis siya sa trabaho. Sabi nila wala nang makukuhang pera. Ilang months na pero di siya pinayagan makasakay ng barko dahil dun kahit na yung tita ko yung head nila. Siya ang breadwinner namin. Yung ate ko kakatapos pa lang mag-aral at nagtatrabaho sa Fabella. Dalawa pa kami ni Ditse ang nag-aaral. Sa MCU siya nag-aaral bilang medtech. Nangutang si Ate para lang matutusan yung pag-aaral namin kaso kailangan pumili samin ni Ditse kung sino magpapatuloy. Siya nalang yung pinag-enroll kasi graduating na siya.”

Kim thought that she would completely stop her studies. Her world has completely fallen apart but despite what she is going through, she maintained her happy exterior. She did not let the problem overcome her.


Months later, her father started to recover and has found a better job. She was also able to enroll for the semester.



About the Author

Calopez, Shiela Mae

She’s an introvert who finds comfort in reading books and watching Korean dramas. A typical teenage girl who loves to eat but hates getting fat. She dreams to work in a famous fashion magazine someday and has the aspiration to travel. Having the fear of speaking in front of a crowd, she expresses herself through writing. She is very forgivable and understanding but just like everyone else she, too, has her own limits.


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