Education plays an integral role to boost the Philippine’s economy. If the young Filipinos are the hope of our country how can they attain education if they cannot afford it? Almost is never enough, I think. There are a lot of Filipinos who cannot afford going to universities and sadly decided to work for their family.

Almost every year, tuition rates are increasing. Last 2013, CHED released a statement saying  the average tuition increase across all regions was 6.48 percent or P29 to P37 per unit per subject and also will increase school fees P135 to P555 to its total bill. They said that they will improve the facilities and will increase the salary of the professors.

JP Rocha, a fourth-year BS Computer Science student as well as a student assistant in the Auditing department of University of East-Caloocan.

“Kung hindi dahil sa SA (Student Assistant) work, nagtatrabaho siguro ako ngayon sa labas at tumigil muna (sa pag-aaral).” – JP

Good thing, JP went back to work in the university. He shared that he almost lose his job. Student Assistant works is a solution to some, but not to all students. They work hard as well as achieve high grades in order to stay.

Kapag napagbigyan ka, lagi mong isipin na binigay sayo ito, para hindi masayang. Lagi mo lang galingan at kailangan mong bumawi. -JP

His situation is common to young filipinos who wants to pursue their dreams. Some students worry about ‘acads’ while some think on how their tuition will be paid because final exams are coming. Poverty is not the hindrance to success and at the end of the storm, is the golden sky said Tatay A. Manuel (a teacher turned scavenger)


Inspirations in life is very important, JP also shared that his parents and girlfriend helps him to reach his goals. But it can also be a hindrance, when he has an argument with his girlfriend, he also tends to loose focus.

Para sa akin, hindi solusyon ang pahinga sa relasyon. SPACE. – JP

I commend JP for sharing and entrusting his story to me and to our readers. You are an inspiration to other students and a role model to looked after. I hope you can achieve your dreams and be able to do your best like what you have wanted.

To other students, there are many ways to achieve your dreams and attain a degree, there are a lot of cheap universities or you don’t have to pay anymore. Sometimes you should seek help to the government or just try to find ways to study.

I believe that if others can, you can! Good luck.

-Marina L. Labastida


About the Author

Labastida, Marina L.

She is a fourth-year AB Communication student and a correspondent wanna be. She is a family-oriented person and just want to observe the things around her. She loves to watch Korean dramas and just surf in the internet. She always see hope and have the courage to face the reality of life. She believes that good things come to those who wait.





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