“Friendship Goals? kami yun”

-Mabel, Karla and Jane


“Family Isn’t always blood”, while exploring the ups and downs of their friendship, Mabel, Karla and Jane; all marketing majors in the same university together, as a family sharing the same dreams; shares the story of their friendship.


We met each other through internet, before making it to the first day of school we already know the faces of each other. Judging their faces, blonde, bitch, brat, dork, nerd, shy type? We don’t really know. All we know is that choosing the same university is a part of our friendship; we met here.


“Nung High School kami hindi naman kami nagpapansinan, sa ibang section kasi ako; sya naman medyo popular kasi sa special class sya”- MABEL


“Sya yung taong mukhang chill pero deep inside masipag, magugulat ka na lang highest sya sa exam”- JANE


“Snobbers yan, pero approachable naman pala”-GIA

Making the most out of nothing. We started from the scratch.We do know how schooling builds, wrecks and strengthens friendship.

We had those times wherein we don’t encounter much about that one friend in your group. During those three years we have stayed together the meanest sides of our friends, mean to say their lava continuously flows like the shield volcanoes of Mauna Loa in Hawaii.Some of them suddenly erupts and their voices were like those frightening sounds of Krakatoa.

“Moody, Ayan talaga yung panira ng friendship namin”

“Actually malakas mang-asar yan”

“Pikunan, minsan kasi di na maganda; masyadong papansin eh”


As we reach our dreams together, we strongly believe that we can make it til’ the end as long as we stayed together. We once survived those life threatening situations, why not now?

“Intindihin mo lang”

“Chill lang kahit mahirap”

“Patience, kahit mahirap kailangan”


We wanted to graduate together, we strongly insist together! We’re like families, we all have that one goal. Truly indeed the significance of the study is to graduate. Graduation does not end it all. After graduation, we wanted to stay in touch with each other.

“Kakain kami sa labas, manonood ng sine; ganun kami mag-bonding”

“Hindi naman kami ganun, magpapansinan pa din kami, hindi naman degree ang friendship bakit pati yun ga-graduate”

“Paano namin makakalimutan yung isa’t-isa, yung konting oras ng convo namin nagiging 5 hours”


“Go for the win” Pak na Pak tayo mga Bes.

We don’t make friends to make ends.



Guerrero, Gerald Mae A.

She is a simpleton living her life for happiness. She loves social sciences and is very open-minded; for her music and arts is one of her place to return to. Has a soap obsession, so far of all the soaps she have tried pears is the best. Is a certified Minajesty; she loves rap, for her this is the most enjoyable hobby while expanding her vocabulary. She’s an achiever, she will never settle for less. One day she will fuck the whole universe.

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