Kiel Vincent Garcia also known as “KL” a 17 years old Marketing student from University of the East Caloocan is truly inspiring because of his creative mind. He’s also an active student and part of one of the dance troop in UE the ARMADA.


His priorities are dancing and academics, because he really enjoys those simple things like what most probably do. Being in his situation is just maybe a typical thing, there is no uniqueness, special, or other things that may other pity on. His inspiration is…

                “The world, because inspiration is all around us, is it up to us to discern which motivates us”.

Another thing that is emulous is his goal, he just wants to be happy because he believes that most people die sad. This may be sound… oh, really?? But if you really analyze it, oh! so deep, so sad, so real.


His priorities in life are dancing, academics, himself and money of course. This maybe simple things but this is what everyone makes feel happy, inspired and satisfied. In my interview with him he also mentions that his problem is just typical, you know, a usual problem of a young teenage boy. But what are the typical problem of a young teenage boy?? You may think about it, because it may affect you.

In this day, everyone has its own memories, memories that are filled of joyous, sad, unpredictable, and especially embarrassing moment, the most memorable of all! The fun thing here is his embarrassing moment is just…

                “ Pag may nagkamali, may pinagtatawanan”.

But what is his idea about “pag may-nagkamali, may pinagtatawanan”? Is this may happen in a class room, mall, gatherings, especial event or wherever?? If you really think about it, what is funny when you do something wrong or embarrassing? There are the situation in our lives that is really regretful but others still reminisce those things. Oh! Ironic.


Kiel simple quote in life is ..

“But I firmly believe that any man’s finest how, his greatest fulfillment of all he holds dear is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle.


About the Author

Isidro, Rica Mae C.

She’s a shy type and simple communication major student, who loves to travel but don’t have enough budget. She’s also passionate dancer, singer, actress, model and impersonator at HOME! She’s also active in some curricular activities, especially events in school. Also, she really loves to do some art works like painting and drawing and also appreciating others artwork. In addition, she’s always love the idea of being admire by others.

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