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Bittersweet Dream

There was once a girl who inspired to become a model and fashion designer. By just looking at her wonderful physique, height and beauty you can now see how qualified she is to become your next top model. But she tend to disregard this cherish dream for a while to try to consider other courses related to arts. She is now working hard to become an architect but there is still a huge part in her heart that wants to pursue her real dream and that is to be a model.

Allison Mauricio, 4th yr BS Architecture




She is Allison Mauricio, now currently a 4th year student of BS Architecture in University of the East Caloocan. And being her friend for almost 5 years now I know for a fact that she’s a person that is definitely precious and knows very well to value her decisions in life.

Based on the story that she shared she is just a simple person that tends to do whatever she wants just like watching Korean dramas every time she’s stress and to lessen the pressure from school works and most especially endless plates. She is also just a normal student who wants to take her free time sleeping just to relax and have some rest even for a couple of hours.  Allison also has a talent in photo editing and graphics. She also started her venture in the world of blogging wherein it’s her way to express herself and share some experiences in life.


She also shared her struggles and problems encountered in dealing with her course. She’s having a hard time on managing her time and sometimes she can’t come up with a design for her projects. With stress, pressure and endless doubts in your chosen profession keeps on interfering in your way you can’t help but to give up and get tired but Allison remains positive all throughout the way. There may be some times that she ask herself if why did she take architecture and  suddenly found herself crying every end of the semester but here’s one piece of advice that she wants to share for those who have the same dilemma.

“ Prayer. Kasi it works, totoo. Basta may faith ka lang kay God. It works every time”

Allison drawing.jpg

Why did I choose architecture? That’s the question that suddenly pops up in her mind every time she’s in doubt but she and her classmates still choose to be happy despite all the hardships.  Yes, you may have a lot of doubts and worries but at the the end of the day you’ll choose to love and appreciate your course. Architecture used to be her dream but it is more than that for it gives her a way to explore her passion for painting and fashion design. There will be a moments in our lives that we experience the bitter taste of life and of your chosen dream but eventually there is still also a sweet thing that can make you love the decision that you choose and make the best out of it.



About the Author


Princess Baltazar

She is an ordinary and pessimistic type of girl who has a low self-esteem and expect all the negative things throughout her path however she finds comfort and peace every time she writes. She is an aspiring writer that wants to touch the emotion of her readers on the stories that she will write. Her negative perception in life brings her down for a lot of times but she is trying to learn and be strong despite her downfall experiences. She also loves to travel, watch Korean dramas and movies, listen to music or just simply going to different places all by herself to vent out her problems and worries.




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