“Kailangan balance ka, di pwedeng sobrang luwag ka, kasi aabusuhin ka ng mga studyante. Pero dapat hindi sobrang higpit kasi dapat student friendly”

Mrs. Jo-ann Harina a campus organization coordinator inside University of the East Caloocan campus talks about her life as an employee of our beloved university and her struggles in her work space and life with the students. Mrs. Ho-ann Harina, a campus organization coordinator residing inside the Student Affairs Office.

       “You need to be student friendly kasi bilang parte ng Student Affairs Office dapat maging strict ka pero dapat marunong kang pakinggan ang side ng mga studyante”

7 years inside the office, she told me that after she graduated from UE Caloocan batch 2009 she applied inside the university and was appointed as the campus organization coordinator. Her role inside the university is to check proposals and letters of Recognized student organizations and Student Council. She’s also the one who fix the letters for those students who goes outside the campus to participate in various competitions. In addition, Mrs. Jo-ann is the one who organizes the Leadership Training Seminar for the council and organizations, plus she is the one tasked for the memos of Student Affairs Office. Plus her duty is to collect Bid book (a compilation of achievements, certificates, accomplishments, essays and etc..) for those students who has a honor and leadership award.

Campus Organization Coordinator

She added that one of her struggle as the Campus Organization Coordinator is that many officers of recognized student organization and student council  likes to deliver their letters and proposals late/ delayed and some of them are rushing it. In addition, many proposals or letters of RSOs are being disapproved for some reasons and it is a struggle for her because it is her duty to help the RSOs and Student Council to fix their letters and proposals so that it won’t be disapproved again.

In Action

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Francisco, Jude Angelo J.

He is a simple and dreamy kind of person living his twisted world with a mixture of happiness, sadness, anger and all other emotions. He believes in alter-ego and has one every time he performs. He loves to sing, dance and compose his own song every time he needs to release what he feels. He got the characteristics of being a leader. He always believes in second chances and that no matter what happen, we must always choose to forgive and love. He believes in the line “BE KIND AND HAVE COURAGE” in Cinderella movie.

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