He is James Ramonolos. He’s  49 years old and currently working as a janitor in UE Caloocan. He remains in his job  for almost 14 years.

           In his first 10 years, he was assigned in UE Manila under the janitorial manpower agency, PINLAN. However, nothing lasts forever just like the termination of the contract of PINLAN in UE. Along with this, is the loss of livelihood of the janitors in the UE , including James.


           However , he did not lose hope. He applied again at the Global Pro, another janitorial agency that replaced PINLAN in UE.

“Mas gusto ko pa rin yung dati. Kasi sanay na ko don eh. Kumabaga kabisado mo na”

            Unexpectedly,  Global Pro hired him but this time, he will be stationed at UE Caloocan.

 “Nung una, ayaw ko talaga. Pero wala naman akong choice. UE pa din naman to eh.”

           Now, he works as a janitor in UE Caloocan for almost four years. He is now happy in his job because UE Manila and Caloocan students is almost the same. He now have so many  friends and he don’t have any problem in his salary.


           Besides of being a janitor, James is also a music lover. He said that he did not have the opportunity to participate in any singing contest but many were saying that whenever he sing in videoke, many people will feel amazed. His love in music, is also the reason why he caught her ex-wife’s heart..

“Hindi naman ako masyadong mahusay para sumali sa contest. Music Lover lang talaga.” (Sarcastic)

           It was in 1996 when he decided to marry his girlfriend and to build their own family . They were blessed with two children, both are boys,  and the eldest is currently 18 years old and the youngest was 15 years old.

           But , there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. And so, in 2009, he decided to annul their marriage and end their relationship. But both of their son decided to stay in their father’s custody.

 “Ang hirap niya kasing makasama eh. At narealize ko nun na hindi pala kami compatible sa isa’t-isa”

           According to him, his ex-wife is so lazy. She didn’t do any housework and there comes a time when she hurts him physically..

 “Ako na naglilinis, ako na naglalaba. Ako pa nagluluto at minsan sinusuntok pa niya ko lalo na kung mainit ang kaniyang ulo. Ayoko na lang patulan kasi babae at syempre mahal ko siya. Kaya lang sobra na eh. Hindi naman ako tanga habang buhay.”

           He also added that he was a good father and husband. He gives everything just for the happiness of his family. In fact , when his first son was born, he was forced to stop work at the pier because nobody will take care for the children.

“Wala eh, mas okay daw sa kaniya na siya yung nagttrabaho at ako yung maiiwan sa bahay. Kaya nga nung maghiwalay kami, sa akin sumama yung mga bata kasi mas close sa akin, kasi ako nag-alaga sa kanila.”


           He returned to his job at the pier but when their second son was born, he had to stop working again and it was also the reason why he was terminated from his former job. But, it is also the beginning of his job as a janitor at UE .

           From now on, he is not yet married but he have her girlfriend. He is happy on what happened because he learned a lot from his experiences.

 “Ang pagkakamali ko kasi, nagmadali akong magpakasal. Kasi 30 na ko nun at naisip ko na kailangan ko ng magkaroong ng pamilya. Kaya nung makilala ko siya, pinakasalan ko agad. Kaya nung kasal na kami, dun ko lang nalaman yung tunay niyang ugali.”

           Many of us is looking for a perfect life. We have goals we want to achieve in time. But, we unconsciously forget that by worrying of our goals, we also forget how to enjoy the life that we have in the present. We forget that the decisions we make today will have a great impact in our future.


About the Author

Gutierrez, Michelle B.

She is just a simple girl who dreams to be a popular actress. She always wants to entertain people and make them laugh. She’s a very responsible student but she’s having a hard time expressing her thoughts verbally. She likes to watch Korean drama and is an avid fan of the walking dead. She’s single since birth because she believes that she can find her true love at the right time, in the right place, and with the right person.


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