Music is Everything

As a music lover, music is a form of art that helps people to express and define the true meaning of their life in different aspects.

Because of our unique experiences, we develop different musical tastes and preferences. Different genres, different voices, different choices; it depends which we prefer.

When we are in love, music help us appreciate the true meaning of it. It feels like those lyrics and melodies were meant exactly for us. The music take that indescribable and inexpressible feeling of being in love, which turned into words that made sense.
Even without music, instruments could express it so clearly. We could just lie on the bed, stare at the ceiling, and feel the music until it lingers to our very soul.

When we feel broken, listening to music is one of our favorite past time. It reminds us how lonely and sad our life were. Each verses and lyrics had huge impact to increase the level of our loneliness. Music is not just a simple sound that vibrates through our ears. So if we ever feel in love, sad, lonely, and ecstatic, just always remember: Music is always there for us.
Just let the music play!



About the Author

Antonio, Cedrix Louise L.

He’s just a shy type person who likes to draw and make his own art. He likes photography and composing songs. He loves the art of music that lingers through his ears. For him, imagining world without an art is totally dull. He doesn’t believe in second chances. He always thinks that each of us is one of a kind and a piece of art. He has his own world.


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