PNoy’s Bakit (Bucket) List

Its 9 days before PNoy’s term ends as the President of the Philippines – a lot has changed since the beginning of his presidential term. But we can’t run from the fact that he didn’t fully act on things that needs to be lessen or ended. He only have a couple of days left before President-Elect Rodrigo takes place.

If you will ask, what PNoy must do during the duration of the last 9 days of his term is that he must act to lessen the crime within Metro Manila. No one can prevent crime from happening. The only thing we can do about it is lessen the possibility of this kind of incident.


For me the reason behind the slow act with this matter is that he focus on different projects, issues and ignore the rest. He will soon act on it when the crime rate increases. When it decreases, he ignores it again then let it increase again. Why not maintain it to a low rate?

With a short period of time, we believe that he can lower the crime rate in Metro Manila and maintain it there. All he need to do is to put on his final effort to work on this events. We all know that Mr. Duterte promised to lessen the crime incident in Metro Manila. If Pnoy will start to relinquish orders before he convey his position, Filipino people will enter the reign of the new president feeling safe.

As the president, he must act fast regarding to this matter. If he did not do anything about the problems within nine days, there will be a lot of Filipino people who will suffer, or worst they will die. But if he act quickly and execute orders, many people will be saved and they will feel safer walking down the street from work.

Everyone needs protection. So we pledge to protect my friends, family and loved ones. We may not be that brave nor that strong, but we will do everything that we can to keep them away from harm. Even in an intelligible way of supporting someone.

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About the Author

Erispe, Patricia Nicole R.

She’s a bubbly and cheerful ordinary teenager, who loves to be with her friends all the time. Make them happy and feel them that there’s no problem in this world. Sometimes she is happy go lucky girl but as much as possible she avoids this kind of attitude. She loves to travel and explore everything. She likes to take selfies all the time. And for her small talks is important especially to those people who care and loves her.

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