Say “No” to Abortion


A baby is a blessing, a gift from God above. A precious little angel to cherish and to love. If babies go to heaven, why oppose abortion?

“Danny was so excited to become a new dad that he recorded video each day from the day he learned he would be a dad, until the day his bundle of joy arrived. The result is simply beautiful.”

Mothering gives you the ability to step into other parents’ shoes, and you appreciate the giant job they undertake with their own kids. At first, you miss sleeping in, going out for grown-up meals, and being part of the late-night movie crowd. But your old life is quietly replaced with a different sense of community. Your house may be a mess for a while. But you learn to be a little less precious about your belongings.

“I’m getting rid of things so I can make room for my child’s world,”. “High school memorabilia isn’t that important to me anymore. Nor are fancy clothes, now that life is more laid-back.” You may find yourself giving away items that, you realize, you don’t really need. Living with more love and less stuff is liberating!

With the addition of a baby, your priorities and your values become clear, also, you were impressed by how your husband and you became much more of a team once you had kids. You still frequently turn to each other and say, ‘We’re so lucky!’ ” You look at this little family and you think, “It’s all mine!”

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About the Author

Basas, Mary Ann O.

She is just an ordinary woman with a beautiful face and a typical girl who want to be successful in life to make her parents proud. She is an outgoing ambitious student to life. She is a problem solver in a creative way. She makes fun of everything to make things light. She is also eager to learn, meet new people, and visit unseen places with friends, family and together with her loved one. She’s an actor in her own life trying to be happy even though things don’t go right. She is reserved for someone and is blessed everyday because of the things that I have right now. She may not be rich just like others but she is confidently beautiful and contented with a heart.

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