Why Hate on Homework?


An average student spend almost half of their day in school studying and the worst scenario goes when they do homework. Students have to do assignments and is unable to sleep or do things they want to knowing their minds cannot be at ease yet. They have to worry doing things even at home. As a result most students hate homework.

The question lies here: why students hate homework?

homimiThe school classes starts too early and in our case it ends too late. Counting from the time we had spent from preparation like grooming yourself, eating breakfast, wake up early; up to the end of the school class is time-consuming plus we need to make paper works. Where is the time to at least take a sleep or to recreate yourself. Home works are exhausting.

Assignments makes us lost opportunities to learn about other fields like playing guitar, dancing. We cannot even work out our muscles and that is the reason why youth these days are obese. More importantly, home is home. School work must be done in schools only, when in your house you need to be yourself; assignments for us is like another graffiti on the wall.

After all the purpose of schooling is to make us feel that we need to be responsible for our own actions not to be feel exasperated. It is not fair for the students to make home works at the same time make them go to school like every day without getting sick because of an imbalance lifestyle having to deal with assignments before sleeping. If students really care about schooling they will study themselves not because they are doing school home works but because they wanted to learn more. Teachers should be like suggest things: “If you want to learn more I suggest read this article about profanity by science alert”. In that way students will tend to voluntarily feel like reading without feeling compelled to.

Moreover, educational institutions should at least have stress management class wherein we can learn to handle stress from making home work.

What is home when it feels like you’re in school?

But wait! There’s more! Here’s a bonus funny video about assignment excuses. LOL. I laugh so hard while watching this. The gold digger is very clever easy peezy. Note: I respect educators. This is for fun only. Just click here to watch the funny video.


About the Author

Guerrero, Gerald Mae A.

She is a simpleton living her life for happiness. She loves social sciences and is very open minded; for her music and arts is one of her place to return to. Has a soap obsession, so far of all the soaps she have tried pears is the best. Is a certified Minajesty; she loves rap, for her this is the most enjoyable hobby while expanding her vocabulary. She’s an achiever, she will never settle for less. One day she will fuck the whole universe.

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