The Fairness of Life

Life is unfair as they say. You will not get everything that you want. A perfect family, love life, career, and money. Also, we can’t get the simple things in life that we want. Just like me.

When I was still young, I envy my friends because they have grandparents. I never experienced that thing. It is a dream that I will never get. But, does it mean that life is so unfair to me?

Photo courtesy from Facebook (ccto)

When I saw this picture of Lola Salvacion which went viral on Facebook, I felt  something different. I realized that I am still lucky because that kind of incident didn’t happen to my family. But despite that, I’m still sad for the situation of the grandmother. If indeed she did it, I still feel lonely because I know there is a reason why she did it. And whether if she was really the victim, what did the person felt when he committed the crime? What could be his reason? Did he really want that to happen?

In this case, I have learned something from the grandmother. That no matter how unfair life is, just let it pass. There is no such thing as a perfect life. Moreover, how could we know that a certain thing is perfect if we haven’t experienced failures? I recently watched the interview of Lola Salvacion and the news reporter is asking her if she will be willing to file a lawsuit against the personnel of NAIA, but she said no. Funny isn’t? But she also said that her reason is that, as long as she know that she is innocent, she will not implicate someone just for her to get her justice. Old statement, right? But the lesson is, if she get a revenge against the criminals, it will result to her being the criminal too.

This video also shows unfairness but people unconsciously prevent this to happen. How?

This story is about the girl who wants to buy a cake, but unfortunately, they do not have enough money to buy such cake, that’s why they returned it. Luckily, there was a rich man who generously bought the cake for the young girl. The reason behind this is that when he was young he also wanted to buy a cake and just like the little girl, they  don’t have the money to pay for it. Coincidentally, there was also a man who generously bought the cake for him, saying, Happy Birthday. So in short, he just returned the favor. The story might look simple but it only shows that the world is not really unfair. Because if we do things together, everything will be easier and we must always remember that as long as we are standing, give a hand to those who have fallen.

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This multimedia article isn’t related to my essay but people who likes horror things will gonna like it. This one is about the girl who went viral because of her unusual movement inside the elevator. They say that the girl is possessed by a bad spirit.


About the Author

Gutierrez, Michelle B.

She is just a simple girl who dreams to be a popular actress. She always wants to entertain people and make them laugh. She’s a very responsible student but she’s having a hard time expressing her thoughts verbally. She likes to watch Korean drama and is an avid fan of the walking dead. She’s single since birth because she believes that she can find her true love at the right time, in the right place, and with the right person.

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