Of Hope and Happiness

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu

smiling baby rhaina

Last week, a photo album of a baby named Rhaina Keila who’s fighting against retinoblastoma, a rare malignant tumor of the retina which affects young children, went viral on Facebook. The said little girl was just only two years old.

Tons of shares, likes, comments and prayers were given as people feel sympathy to the brave child. People were amazed on how this little angel still manage to smile and give joy to her family even though she is faced with a very difficult and painful situation. A battle uncommon for someone her age.

I, myself, too, was touched by Rhaina’s fighting spirit. There are times when I am faced with a serious problem and I almost give up. I can’t even bear a smile or push myself to talk nicely to other people during those moments but her, as young as she is, showed much hope and bravery than some of  us.

Baby Rhaina’s journey  gives us a lesson that no matter how difficult the situation we are in, we should always put a smile on our face as it would somehow help lessen the burden of our pain and suffering.

Another thing that catches the attention of netizens was the video (shown below) of Director General Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa shaking his head in a cute manner. Apparently, the story behind this gesture was that his daughter texted him that she couldn’t spot him in the crowd so the PNP Chief replied that he would shake his head for him to be seen on TV.


Netizens find it surprisingly adorable that the new PNP chief who was known to be tough and fearless has his own soft side, too. President Duterte has given him a tremendous task and it is expected that he would be ruthless and stoic to impose power but there he was during the president’s inauguration, all smiles and happy.

These two, baby Rhaina and Director General Bato, albeit different have taught us the same lesson. A lesson that no matter how challenging life is or no matter how heavy the responsibility that is put upon us, we should never forget to cast a smile and be happy. They both taught us that it is not bad to smile and affect others with our happy virus. Life’s maybe hard but that’s not the end of it, prove that you are strong and unshaken. Afterall, happiness is a choice, so why should not we make it a habit?


About the Author

Calopez, Shiela Mae

She’s an introvert who finds comfort in reading books and watching Korean dramas. A typical teenage girl who loves to eat but hates getting fat. She dreams to work in a famous fashion magazine someday and has the aspiration to travel. Having the fear of speaking in front of a crowd, she expresses herself through writing. She is very forgivable and understanding but just like everyone else she, too, has her own limits.

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