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Anyone who’s up for travelling? Of course all of us. Is there any one out there who’s not even interested to get his self out of their own country to try and see something new? I bet there’s only few who’ll might not enjoy the idea of travelling, but hey its something you shouldn’t miss!!


If you consider yourself as a “wanderer”, the first place you must visit is around your country. As they say, love your own first. Hahaha! And as much as you are engrossed for the beauty of the other countries, you are starting to forget that your country still offer places that you could be proud of.

Philippines first before anything else.


Since we love Japan, visit this site

“This heart of mine was made to travel the world.”


About the Author

Avellana, Eliza Mae R.

She’s a writer wannabe. She’s so fond of reading stories. She talks a lot, every thought she has on her mind she always speak for it. She once dreamed to be part of a production team. She believes that in right time, she will be part of one of those teams that is successful on the big screen. She loves to imagine things. She has a very imaginative thoughts but the thing is she can’t make turn those thoughts in words. But  behind of those weaknesses she have, she still keep on dreaming.


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