United Colors of Skin

“Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.” ~ William Shakespeare

Be like Panda, destroy racism.
Be like Panda, destroy racism.

Courtesy: facebook.com/dub.pistols      

I usually see posts like this as I browse through my FB wall everyday. Those who promote or advocate something, informing people, trying to raise awareness through the use of catchy or sometimes even shocking photos or advertisements. But this one got my attention for a moment. It may seem as if it is Po from the movie Kung Fu Panda because of the angst in his pose, or maybe not? Haha!

But besides that, reading the words on the photo made me chuckle for a second and thought to my self, “Nice! Very witty!” but it then left me with words resonating in my head for like a day or two. “Be like a Panda. He’s Black, He’s White, He’s Asian”. Honestly, even without putting that word “Destroy Racism”, the message was actually communicated (well, at least to me).

Sometimes, what we say about others reflects who we are as a person. Lighten up! Think and speak positive.
Sometimes, what we say about others reflects who we are as a person. Lighten up! Think and speak positive.

Hear it From Pocahontas’ Colors of the Wind

But really, is racism such a big deal? The answer: Of course! It is! You may not be aware or be blatant about it but a simple “description” or “statement” that you make about someone’s physical appearance, tradition, or preference could be offensive hence discriminatory to them.

Here are 5 reasons why you should respect and accept the differences of every people:

Life is like a treasure chest; you'll never know what you're gonna get.
Life is like a treasure chest; you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.

Courtesy: chainimage.com

  1. Everyone is a treasure chest – Every person you meet can teach you something new. It could be an interesting thing you never new exists or a new perspective that can help you see things from a brighter light that could help you make better decisions in life.
It's a mix of everything.
It’s a mix of everything.

Courtesy: www.slu.edu

  1. There’s beauty in diversity – By having respect and an open mind, you’ll attract more people who could make your reach and connections broader and flexible as you learn from their experiences.
  1. Bloom where you are planted – Being sensitive and adaptive to changes can take you to places you never thought you could reach.  People will be pleased working, interacting or simply just being around with you and you’ll be a more progressive person.
It might take time before you can finally see it bloom but don't let anything stop you from shining.
It might take time before you can finally see it bloom but don’t let anything stop you from shining.

Courtesy: wallarthd.com

  1. Grow, Grow and Glow – when you let go of your negative perceptions and overcome hatred towards another group of people, you’ll feel lighter, happier and you can experience the joy of what you’re are doing and enjoy the company of the people you’re with.

  1. And lastly, just what Michael Jackson said in his song, you’ll be one in healing the world and You’ll make the it a better place: when you practice tolerance towards others, respect their beliefs, culture, religion and preferences and open ourselves in understanding them for who they really are, you are making a positive contribution in promoting peace, unity and harmonious relationships among communities

Read more here.

But on a serious note: What if the roots, the DNA that we have will link us to people, nationality, culture and race we thought we could never get along well with? People we are threatened with, people whom we think we are superior to, people whom we simply just don’t “feel” because our race dictated us to hate them. What if who you thought you really are is not what your DNA says about your identity? What if we’re all cousins? All connected by our DNA.

The DNA Journey

Let’s help each other have better opportunities in life. Let’s make our relationships, our society, our world better.



About the Author

Alviz, Jeriah France S.

She’s an introvert petite girl, who’s passionate for arts and design and fell in love with writing and making poems. A natural leader that never settles for second best and pursues excellence in everything she does. An ultimate foodie that takes photographing dishes seriously and makes arts and crafts to express her creativity and to relieve stress. She once lost a chance in life but was greatly blessed with new chances each day to put herself and her life back on track. Above all, she’s a daughter, sister, friend, lover and a sinner saved by grace and highly favored by the One True God she’s committed her life to.

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