The Viral Funny Man

He seems familiar right? You may know his face because of videos all over social media sites after the inauguration of our newly elected president, Mr. Rodrigo Duterte last June 30, 2016. Facebook page Mugstoria posted a video containing his compilation of funny faces shot starting last presidential debate up to the inauguration of the president. The video uploaded by Mugstoria is now 6.7 million views on Facebook. Let’s watch why this guy goes viral.

Video Courtesy of Mugstoria

This video posted by Mugstoria last June 30, 2016 now have 5.8 million views and 138,899 shares on Facebook. Amazing right? But who is this viral man that caught the attention of millions of people on social media? He is Atty. Alexis Lumbatan.



Photo from Alexis Lumbatan’s Facebook

The viral man is Atty. Alexis Lumbatan from Davao. He is the legal adviser of President Rodrigo Duterte’s sons Paolo and Sebastian for nine years now. When he got interviewed by ABS-CBN, he said that he just wanted to bring good vibes at the Malacanang Palace and he clarifies that he is well-behaved on the entire ceremony.

“I am a happy person, simula noong maliit pa ako. Gusto ko good vibes lang,” Lumbatan said.

Well indeed, he bring smiles and laughter’s to the millions who watched the inauguration and those who have viewed and shared the viral video.


Good vibes lang ano po?

To add up more good vibes to your day, do visit this multimedia site that I’ve found. Click here to check it out.

And just like Alexis Lumbatan, always bring up good vibes to all those people around you. Cheer people up! Your positive outlook in life will light up the lives of others and will brighten up everyone’s day. Don’t forget to always smile and bring joy to others.


About the Author

Hernandez, Kristalyn M.

She is a happy and optimistic person who dreams to be a part of the entertainment industry someday. She loves listening to music and going out with her loved ones and friends. She is afraid to be left alone, yet she finds peace being with herself. Communication is very important to her because she believes that when you open up your thoughts and emotions to someone, it makes them feel comfortable to you and will ease up everything that is getting to their mind. For her, life is like a roller coaster. It is full of ups and downs so we need to enjoy it and live our life to the fullest.


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