Lovin’ You

Your body is a miracle, a gift, a masterpiece, and a wonderland.

In today’s time we can say that many of us are conscious about our body while others don’t but let me give you an opinion of mine which is called “Lovin’ You”.

Many of us think that we should get this kind of body so that we can look attractive or get noticed by someone. One of our world’s biggest problem is conquering insecurities because having curves doesn’t mean you’re sexy though it is our society’s standards when it comes to sexy or attractive but conquering insecurities is a big must.

We should influence others to stand and be proud of what curves they have and what kind of body they have because curves isn’t a requirement for you to be a model or example. Loving your flaws and curves makes you sexy and flaunting your body and being happy with your life is enough to keep you on going.

People should stop bullying about other people’s weight or appearance. They should start to reflect and think instead.

Photo by Samantha Olson.


Fat is not a feeling. There is no such thing as Feeling Fat. The video teaches you to be strong and remove the fear of eating and being conscious about your body. Love yourself, love who you are because it is something that you can share to the world. Do not let the world or society tells you what you should do or what your body should look like.

You have a choice and that is to love your body and not to love your body. This choice gives you an opportunity to respect and love others. Choose to love yourself and embrace all your curves, shapes, your flaws because once you get to accept that, no one can drag your confidence or your self-esteem down.

There will come a time you will have doubts and the feeling of being fat, but like what I and the video said, there is no such thing as feeling fat, because once you feel fat, there is something that you felt that you yourself haven’t found it out yet.

One more thing, choose a friend that will be there for you and will motivate you in your life so that you won’t feel insecure or down. WE’RE LIVING IN ONE PLANET. WE CAME FROM ONE RACE. BE WITH US AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO FIGHT INSECURITIES AND EATING DISORDERS. UNITE AS ONE. SPREAD THE LOVE AND POWER.

During adolescence, young people often think a lot about how their bodies look. They also compare their bodies with others. A positive teenage body image is an important part of healthy self-esteem… Read full article here.

By the age of 13 and above you start to check and look at yourself in the mirror to see if everything is align and perfect. It is normal to go crazy and conscious but what’s not normal is being obsessed to have that body that you’ve always wanted and do everything even if it means killing you.

Wishing that Body image or standards for a beautiful body never exists so that no one feels this way. But what do you expect we are living in a world where you need to survive the cruelty of mankind and its corruption over people’s minds. We as the representatives of this generation should continue to battle what we call body insecurities or body image issue so that when the next generation is born they won’t have to feel or go through the experience we went through.



About the Author

Francisco, Jude Angelo J.

He is a simple and dreamy kind of person living his twisted world with a mixture of happiness, sadness, anger and all other emotions. He believes in alter-ego and has one every time he performs. He loves to sing, dance and compose his own song every time he needs to release what he feels. He got the characteristics of being a leader. He always believes in second chances and that no matter what happen, we must always choose to forgive and love. He believes in the line “BE KIND AND HAVE COURAGE” in Cinderella movie.



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