Kilig is something that is explainable, indescribable, unstoppable, and uncontrollable feeling that all of us may all of us feel.

Recently, this March 2016, kilig is now part of Oxford English Dictionary, together with teleserye and primitive words like halo-halo, balikbayan, barangay, despedida, high blood, KKB o kanya-kanyang bayad, sari-sari Store, and utang na loob. (For more information, visit here.)


Reasons why we feel kilig:

1. When we see our crush.

2. When we’re having interaction with our crush.

3. When someone do pick-up lines.

meme jodi4. When somebody do hokage moves.

5. Sometimes, when we see good looking man (sexy, macho, handsome or pretty).

crop artist(Ian Veneracion, Jessy Mendiola, Liza Soberano, and Zac Efron)

6. When watching romantic scene (from television or movie).

Signs of “Kilig”

1. Smiling permanently…

2. Blushing…

3. Hitting or punching somebody because you’re just happy…

4. Biting or pinching your friends because you’re overwhelmed…

5. Gripped scream… (shown below)

6. Screaming like the way you watch horror movie…


About the Author

Isidro, Rica Mae C.

She’s a shy type and simple communication major student, who loves to travel but don’t have enough budget. She’s also passionate dancer, singer, actress, model and impersonator at HOME! She’s also active in some curricular activities, especially events in school. Also, she really loves to do some art works like painting and drawing and also appreciating others artwork. In addition, she’s always love the idea of being admire by others.


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