Education is the Key

Having a hard time with your studies? You may have asked yourself for a hundred of times about what’s the point of memorizing those theoretical terms you learned from school though it’s not that necessary in the real world.

We have a lot of questions and worries in our minds and I think it’s normal. After all, we are still students who contemplate on some things in our life – most especially with our education. However, I think we should look at the bigger picture and be motivated to achieve higher.

Stop Complaining

Stop showcasing your ala-dramatic lines in a movie such as “Ayoko na pagod na pagod na ako.” Just bear in mind that you’re lucky enough that you can go to school and bring home some knowledge. There are a lot of children who eagerly want to learn but don’t have money and resources to go to school so might as well be thankful to all the blessings that is happening in your life instead of complaining.


Poverty is not a hindrance for you to learn. 

Photo credits to Rappler

Serve as an Inspiration

Since we’re lucky enough that we have the chance to have a proper education, it’s better for us to help other people even in just a simple ways. Watch the video and be inspired.

In just a simple deed, you can somehow change the life of a person. The kids who are less fortunate but still aims to dream big for their future? Make them as your inspiration to do better so there will be a time that you can help them in your own way.

Work hard, travel later


Because hugot lines is not just about love

Well who wouldn’t say no if you have the chance to explore the world? Travelling is like a dream that you can’t easily fulfill. But it’s not that impossible as it seems, you just need to have the determination for you to achieve it. Just remember my own GOLDEN rule study hard, find a job, strive hard and TRAVEL HARDER.

Click here to see places you must visit.


About the Author

Baltazar, Princess Rocelle D.

She is an ordinary and pessimistic type of girl who has a low self-esteem and expect all the negative things throughout her path however she finds comfort and peace every time she writes. She is an aspiring writer that wants to touch the emotion of her readers on the stories that she will write. Her negative perception in life brings her down for a lot of times but she is trying to learn and be strong despite her downfall experiences. She also loves to travel, watch Korean dramas and movies, listen to music or just simply going to different places all by herself to vent out her problems and worries.


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