“A Closed Mouth Catches No Flies”

One of the problems in the advancement of technology is cyber bullying. Everyday, there are a lot of people who are victim of bullying.

Ms. Paula Salvosa ‘amalayer’ girl, she was a victim of cyber bullying. It was 3 years ago when her video went viral on the Internet and so many people talked bad, sent death threats and pages that posted negative comments about her.

“I almost took my own life.”
Hindi kasi siya simpleng bagay lang, na na-cyberbully ka lang.”
“Ayoko na nung pangalan ko.”
“Ang sakit sakit na”

There was a point where she no longer wants to hear her name, afraid to go to school and attempted to take her own life.

Patapon na yung buhay ko sabi ng mundo”

We should always be responsible to our actions and always be kind, OFFLINE AND ONLINE!

May dalawa lang akong sasabihin. Una, 


Amalayer girl was a victim of framing, but always remember a good conversation starts with respect and kindness. Some people have anger management problems and they can’t control their mouth. Sometimes they even post hate comments to someone directly without thinking what would the reader would feel if she read it. HELLO! Ikaw kaya dito, ikaw kaya ang i-bully! Truly, mouth operates faster than brains when you are angry.

“A closed mouth catches no flies” -Miguel De Cervantes

Second, I have searched on what the victim should do when cyber bullied, you should never be a victim!!


This is for high school students and below, adult victims should seek advice to lawyers for cyber crime law.

Before you make judgement, make sure it is the truth and before you make a comment, always think if it is needed to show it to public. It is hard to accept mistakes, but you always have be brave to say “I’m sorry” to the ones you hurt. Always be good! Be kind! Ask for help and always remember that you are not alone.


About the Author

Labastida, Marina L.

She is a fourth-year AB Communication student and a correspondent wanna be. She is a family-oriented person and just want to observe the things around her. She loves to watch Korean dramas and just surf in the internet. She always see hope and have the courage to face the reality of life. She believes that good things come to those who wait.


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